Duplet Orphicard Duplet offers you total flexibility with watermark security at no extra cost per card. It is designed specifically for the task of producing high- quality IDs on durable PVC plastic cards with added bonus – a secure watermark to the surface of each printed card.


YMCKO 5 panel ---> 300 images Part Number OR300YMCKO (Both side color)
YMCKOK 6 panel ---> 250 images Part Number OR250YMCKOK (Color on front, black on back)
Black with Overlay ---> 600 images Part number OR600KO
Monochrome Resin ---> 1000 images Part number OR1000K-Black
Monochrome White ---> 1000 images Part number OR1000K-White
Monochrome Blue ---> 1000 images Part number OR1000K-Blue
Monochrome Red ---> 1000 images Part number OR1000K-Red
Monochrome Gold ---> 1000 images Part number OR1000K-Gold
Monochrome Silver ---> 1000 images Part number OR1000K-Silver


Blank White PVC Card
Magnetic Stripe Card
Pre-printed Aadhaar Card
Custom Printed Card
Chip Card (32or 64 kbyte)
Proximity Card
Sticky Card